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How to Add Radio Stations to ETS 2 and ATS?

cover how to add radio stations to ets 2 and ats

You have used many radio stations mods to date. New radio mods are still being made. But you don't need any mods. Because you can easily add the desired radio stations to ETS 2 and ATS.

How Does?

Very simple. You can create and download your own list by visiting the Radio Trucker created by SiSL.

Step by step:

* Visit Radio Trucker.
* Sign up free.
* Add the desired radio station(s) to your list.
* After completing your list, download it by choosing which game(s)** you want.
**American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Cattle and Crops.

You can now enjoy your own radio stations.


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