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Realistic Rain Mod v2.4.1 for ETS 2 & ATS

realistic rain mod v2.4.1 for ETS 2 & ATS

Realistic Rain mod has been updated to 2.4.1 version for Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator!

What's new with v2.4.1

*Tweaks for better rain effect from cabin
*Increased a bit : Particles rain of wheels (IA Traffic & Truck)
*Addon: Alternative Sound rain : Audio changed, better audio & more realistic
*Addon Increased volume for thunders effect: Now just contained files thunders sounds increased (deleted rest of files)

General Description

This mod tries to improve the effect of rain, sounds of rain, sounds of thunder, effects on the windshield, particles of rain on the wheels...

What's included this mod?

*Better textures of Raindrops from inside cabin
*Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic)
*Rain more intense from inside cabin
*Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
*Better windshield effect
*HQ thunders sounds

It needs to know:

This mod will not add puddles on the road.
This mod does not modify the duration or probability of rain.(game options you have for it)
This mod does not modify the fog.

-Standard Version: More raindrops & better effects (Just Recommended for High Specs PC)
-Lite version: adjusted & reduced some values for better perfomance FPS (Recommended for Low/Medium Specs PC)

Optional Addon: (Valid for both versions) If you want to hear louder the sound of rain and thunders, put this Addon above!

The file "game_data.sii" has been removed for added better compatibility.

Now include "int_sound_config" file

You can modify these values as you like, or, you can delete this file, but maybe you hear very low sounds effects...

Not necessary to use "Sound Fixes Pack" mod of Drive Safely. But Darkcaptain recommended for a better experience!

Compatible with 1.34.x & 1.35.x game version.

cipinho (volume adjust)
frkn64 (rain textures)

-This mod works with Realistic Graphics Mod, Project Next-gen 1.7, JBX Weather... But you need to place Real Rain on top!
-It has not been tested with the Grimes season Mods, it could cause conflict.

v 2.5 Update Released! Click for details!

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Source: Darkcaptain


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