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ETS 2 - Heavy Rain Mod v2.2

ets 2 heavy rain mod v2.2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heavy Rain mod has been updated to 2.2 version!

What's new with v2.2

*Adjusted Rain sound volume from exterior
*Adjusted Rain sound volume from interior cabin of truck
*Adjusted rain of wheel particles (Truck and AI Traffic)
*Increased rain drops
*Many tweaks for rain drops effects
*2 Versions:  Adjusted the sound volume independently

General Description

Darkcaptain present his little work, Heavy Rain Mod! This new version has all the work completely changed (audios, effects etc...)


*Rain drops better textures from inside cabin
*Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic)
*Rain more intense from inside cabin
*Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside
*Better windshield effect
*New randoms thunders sounds added

Compatible with 1.34.x & 1.35.x game version.

cipinho (volume adjust)
frkn64 (rain textures)

Heavy Rain modify values from "game_data.sii" file:
interior_sound_volume: 0.32
interior_sound_pitch: 0.85

You can modify these values as you like.

Important: Put Heavy Rain Mod in your mod folder and activate it as hight priority(Top)! Place this mod above mods like Nextgen, RGM, Weather mods etc.

v 2.3 Update Released! Click for details!

DOWNLOAD from Sharemods

Also you can use with American Truck Simulator: ATS - Heavy Rain Mod v2.1

Source: Darkcaptain


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