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ATS - Realistic Graphics Mod v3.0 by Frkn64

ats realistic graphics mod v3.0 by frkn64

American Truck Simulator Realistic Graphics Mod has been updated to version 3.0 by Frkn64!

What's new with v3.0

*Added support for 1.35 update.
*Graphical enhancements:
-Improved colors of graphical parameters (ambient, diffuse, specular etc.)
-Improved brightness and reflection of chrome objects
-Improved nature events (fog, wind, rain)
-Improved bloom effect

-Improved shadow colors
-Improved sun shaft colors, strength and size
-Improved eye adaptation speed
-Improved cloud shadows
-Improved sky colors
-Improved colors & darkness level of nights
-Increased bloom intensity for nighttime
*Improved light flares
*Fixed shadow flickering issue.
*Code enhancements for future updates.
*Reduced filesize of the mod(linked to shadow flickering issue).

General Description

This mod improves ATS graphics for better realism.

-70 Realistic skybox textures in 4K resolution
-Realistic light flares & reflection effects
-Realistic & vibrant colors
-Realistic terrain textures
-Realistic rain & thunder sounds
-Realistic raindrop effects(inside of trucks)
-Realistic water textures
-Realistic cloud shadows
-Realistic climate events (fog, wind, rain)

ats realistic graphics mod by frkn64 screenshots 1ats realistic graphics mod by frkn64 screenshots 2ats realistic graphics mod by frkn64 screenshots 3

Also you can visit Frkn64's website for more screenshots.

Note: “Color Correction” option in the graphic settings must be active when using this mod.

Tips for users
Tip 1: To disable bloom effect, use the No-Bloom add-on.
Tip 2: For high quality skybox textures, set “Texture quality: High” in the graphic settings.

Required game version

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Source: Frkn64


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