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Ben's Easy Modding Program for ETS 2 & ATS

easy modding program for ets 2 & ats

I share a new program that you can easily make your mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It's Ben's Easy Modding.

General Description

He have made mods for his father (who plays ATS every day) and made a couple of programs to accelerate making these mods. Now He would like to present to you: Ben’s Easy Modding (BEM) for Windows. It’s a program that He have created to help almost everyone make mods for ETS 2 & ATS. It’s totally free and you can use it whether you know very little about making mods or are a modder yourself.


For everyone:
-Create a company logo paint job for all the trucks
-Add your photo as a driver and modify the drivers’ photos and names
-Place the route adviser where you want
-Create a new profile that starts with a custom amount of money at a custom level
-Copy the settings of a profile to another

For modders:
-View the UVs of a model
-View a 3d model (view images on the model if you want)
-Extract the SCS base files and convert the models
-Convert image files to and from dds

He would recommend watching the video tutorials on BEM’s website before using BEM to get you started quickly. Here is a sample video:

Bug reports: Send to creator an email with a description of the problem.

v Update Released! Click for details!

DOWNLOAD from Ben's Easy Modding

Source: BEMModding


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