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ATS - PrePass Transponder Logos

ats prepass transponder logos

I'm sharing a nice mod that I discovered too late. A nice mod that makes the American Truck Simulator more realistic with little touches. This great mod is andrei383's PrePass Transponder Logos mod.

General Description

SCS used a fictional texture for a weigh pass transponder. In real life, PrePass is one of the companies which handle weigh station bypass and as such he created a mod to add the correct logo to the game.

SCS had based their texture on this:

ats prepass transponder logos screenshots 1, SCS PrePass Texture

With that reference, he created three different versions of the PrePass transponder, one for each state, so you can choose one depending on which state your truck is registered in. These textures are entirely fictional, since there are varying types of transponders available, however he tried to stay close to the references. Hopefully this adds that small bit of realism to the game.

Arizona PrePass

ats prepass transponder logos screenshots 2, Arizona PrePass

Download Arizona PrePass from Dropbox

California PrePass

ats prepass transponder logos screenshots 3, California PrePass

Download California PrePass from Dropbox

Nevada PrePass

ats prepass transponder logos screenshots 4, Nevada PrePass

Download Nevada PrePass from Dropbox

Source: andrei383


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