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ATS - [SCR] Utility 2000R v1.2

ats scr utility 2000r v1.2

American Truck Simulator [SCR] Utility 2000R mod has been updated to version 1.2!

What's new with v1.2

*Making use of 1.32 cargo system
*Lead/single trailers make use of trailer cable system

General Description

This mod adds a 1988 Utility 2000R 40' x 96" reefer trailer. It features an animated Thermo King Super II refrigeration unit, advanced coupling, and full use of the trailer paintjob system's current feature set.

Mod compatible with his wheel pack. It's not required, but if it is installed with higher priority than the trailer, it will use the Goodyear G314 285/75R24.5's. The painted-corner variant uses two-hole steel wheels, and the stainless-corner variant uses polished aluminum wheels.

Software Used:
Blender 2.78
SCS Blender Tools
Adobe Photoshop CS4

ats scr utility 2000r v1.2 screenshots 1

ats scr utility 2000r v1.2 screenshots 2

ats scr utility 2000r v1.2 screenshots 3

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