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ATS - Realistic Roads v2.7

ats realistic roads v2.7

American Truck Simulator Realistic Roads mod has been updated to 2.7 version!

What's new with v2.7

*New fresh asphalt textures
*Cracked gray asphalt textures are corrected
*New dark granulated asphalt with lengthwise cracks
*Light gray asphalt texture is reworked
*Some other corrections for road textures

General Description

This mod replaces textures for the roads around the map of American Truck Simulator. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of American Truck Simulator, then this mod is for you! Most of the road textures are new and are made based on the real world pictures.

ats realistic roads v2.7 screenshots 1

ats realistic roads v2.7 screenshots 2

ats realistic roads v2.7 screenshots 3

Compatible with New Mexico DLC (or any other DLC). Works with map mods.

v 3.2 Update Released! Click for details!

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