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ATS - Improved Train Sounds v2.3.2

ats improved train sounds v2.3.2

American Truck Simulator Improved Train Sounds mod has been updated to version 2.3.2!

What's new with v2.3.2

*Compatibility patch for update 1.33, the Amtrak locomotive has yet to have a custom sound applied to it, will update it once I have good references recorded.

General Description

This mod replaces the standard trains sounds in American Truck Simulator with an improved version that adds an engine, horn*, bell sound*, and rolling stock/rail noise**.

As of game update 1.5, the new "AI" trains will now spawn with a minimum and maximum of 12 rolling stock (value may increase in the future).

Dovetail Games - Sounds from Train Simulator
SCS Software - Default Train Sounds

v 2.3.4 Update Released! Click for details!

*Currently only the mover type trains have these sounds.

**Currenly only the mover type trains have this sound, it is currently not possible to apply sounds to trailing rollstock, once it is possible, they will be added accordingly.

Source: TruckerKid


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