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ATS - Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds v2.13

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American Truck Simulator Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds mod has been updated to version 2.13!

What's new with v2.13

*Improved jeep wrangler sound
*New sound for jeep wrangler with trailer
*New sound for dodge ram with trailer
*One new car sound
*Changed sound for opalin bus

General Description

Pure Sounds! This is what American Truck Simulator was missing to became the perfect Truck simulator game. 

Composition and how to use:

- This mod includes personalized sounds for all cars, SUVs, trucks and buses of the ATS default vehicles.
- Few vehicles received a more realistic speed_limit
- This is the version 2.13 of my personal mod which He decided to publish (if you were wondering where are the other versions)
- For best experience use his mod in combination with Sound fixes pack with his mod having higher priority in the load order.
- The default sound volume while in cabin is quite low, if you don’t use Sound fixes pack and if you want louder volume inside cabin, it is recommended to place this tiny mod and activate it with high priority in yor mod load order. Increased Sound Volume In Cabin

Credits and Author rights:

-The main source of sounds is YouTube. sound engines are identified, processed, converted which is entirely his work.
-Few sounds are from Drive Safely's Sound fixes pack from which some sounds have been reworked and included in his pack under Drive Safely's permission so credits goes to Drive Safely also.

Further work:

- This mod will work only in game version 1.32 and above, He will update sounds for future models released by scs in games new versions and update the existent ones
- This pack has been improved over the last months by me alone, any suggestion received as constructive feedback it’s a step forward for improving this mod even more
- Support the author by rating this mod.


- Some sounds may not coincide with the reality at 100%, the author is disclaimed for any imperfection that may be seen as an error. Note that sounds for some rare vehicles are not always available 


Source: Cipinho


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