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drholz's Soundpack by Ata5ll. v.2.1.1.a1810

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All sounds reworked for all standard SCS ETS2 trucks, and implemented for your favourite custom ETS2 truck mods, e.g. RJL, MADster ...

Creator's General Description


drholz - Original mod, Sounds & Support
Ata5ll. - Extending, Steam port, Merge, Support
Madpower -Support, Feedback & Tips
The community (Feedback, rating, honest opinions!)

I hope you enjoy drholz's work and appreciate the effort I did for making this available for your favourite trucks, putting it on steam and trying to keep it actual.

If you still experience missing exterior sounds or any other bugs please let me Ata5ll. know.

Latest update:

Scania R & Streamline, T; T4 + 4series by RJL
default trucks by SCS

This mod contains the drholz original sound mod by drholz and the extending features i've added to make it work with custom trucks.
- If you have any suggestions according to the sound, I highly recommend that you share it on the original topic of the mod by drholz
- If you have any suggestions according to a truck's sound not working or a truck that wasn't implemented in the mod yet, or if you simply have a question; feel free to ask Ata5ll.'s workshop page.

Source: Ata5ll.(Creator)


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