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Improved Train Sounds v2.3

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ATS Improved Train Sounds has been updated to version 2.3!

What's new with v2.3

*Updated for compatibility with 1.32
* Included files for new AI trains (ES44AC & GE Genesis)
* Updated top speed for ES44 Locomotive and Rail Runner Express.
* Added 'Safe Distance' parameter to all AI (Should increase following distance between AI traffic and prevent trains from spawing too close to one another)
*Updated mod manager thumbnail image

NOTE: New ES44AC and GE Genesis don't currently have sounds (yet), and GE Genesis is currently disabled until SCS include it in the traffic storage file.

General Description

This mod replaces the standard trains sounds in American Truck Simulator with an improved version that adds an engine, horn, bell sound, and rolling stock/rail noise.

As of game update 1.5, the new "AI" trains will now spawn with a minimum and maximum of 12 rolling stock (value may increase in the future).

Dovetail Games - Sounds from Train Simulator
SCS Software - Default Train Sounds

v 2.3.1 Update Released! Click for details!

Source: TruckerKid(Creator)