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ETS 2 - 1.32 Finished Save Game Profile

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Play with Euro Truck Simulator 2’s best profile! You don’t have any map DLC’s or you have all map DLC’s, it doesn’t matter! This profile compatible all map DLC’s! Only download and start play with your map DLC’s!

This profile has not been created to cheat or easily achieve success! This profile provides you to try mods and new versions without damaging your main profile.

● Compatible with 1.32 update.
● New Germany roads discovered.
● Compatible with all map DLC’s and you can play without any map DLC.
● All map %100 discovered, all garages bought, all drivers bought.
● Profile level 54.
● Profile money 77.293.600 Euro.
● Any mod and cheat didn’t use in this profile.

Setup: Send to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles folder to RAR.

New Save Game Profile Released for v 1.34 and Baltic DLC Click for details!

Source: Uşaklı™(Creator)


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