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Actual Day / Nighttime Mod

Actual Day / Nighttime Mod

This is a little modproject of his. He will (try to) update this mod every Sunday so it will show the actual amount of daylight of this week (approx.). In other words, He syncronize every sunday the time of sunrise and sunset.

It is some sort of a "maintained" longer nights mod of his.

This mod only changes the time when the sun rises or sets, not the time progression itself!

Since SCS made a good job of implementing such a system, He just need to change a date. It will change the times accordingly to the location on the map. So the sun will go up in Warshaw earlier than in Paris.

Compatible with any mod. Please set this one on a higher priority as any Map or Weather mod.

IMPORTANT: Switch Timezones ingame off! It doesn't take the real sunrise or -set times into account.

Other Versions:
Daytime: 7:40 hours
Daytime: 10:30 hours 
Daytime: 12:00 hours
Daytime: 14:20 hours

Source: Viss Valdyr(Creator)


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