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ATS - SiSL's Trailer Pack USA

sisl's trailer pack usa

American Truck Simulator SiSL's Trailer Pack USA has been updated by SiSL!

What's new?

*Fixed the crash on Triple states.

General Description

Adds over 100+ (currently) Top Grossing North American Logistics, Freight Company or Branded original trailer skins to your traffic with little to none performance loss. You can also use customized list of "always selectable" trailers of companies you like by simply selecting them. 

Each trailer carefully skinned by original photos, official company brand colors as you would see on the real roads, recreating them over vector format to bring you best and official wrap what you would really see on the roads. It is not just a pack of same model copied over by simple programs, it is officially interwoven with each other thus saving you performance. 

This pack is dedicated to real American truck traffic. Majorly 53 foot dry vans, reefers and doubles. Each company is cross referenced to trailer models they use.

Also adds new trailer models 53 ft. Wabash, 20 ft, 40 ft and 53 ft. Container Carriers and Dry Van with Curtain kit .

To make your game as realistic as possible with real company trailer replicas that are actively in traffic, not old companies, while bringing zero to none performance loss. Even for your own truck spotting within virtual world.

You can find album with all trailers can be found at Official Facebook Page.

Your own Trailers
Video How-To (from ETS2 version)

You can create a custom pack for the trailers you want to use always on Freight Market. Here is how:

1. Go to Trailer Customization Wizard and select your game.

2. You will see large selection of companies and different for each trailer type. 

3. After you select by going through trailers on Next button, you can get your own specialised ZIP file, that you can put in your mod folder, add to your mod manager (ofcourse, you need this mod in your active list) 

4. Go in game, go to Freight Market, select a box trailer, go to company yard to get your job but press on Cog/Gear icon and select your picked up trailer. You can always use these trailers you like.

Also you can change trailers from spawned companies to use with World of Trucks from here: Company Spawn Wizard

Sincere Warning

1. Some technical information: Due to game limitation, there can be only 8 type of different trailers (such as tractor trailers, semi-trailers, train cars, tram cars etc.). Game already have 5 by default, leaving 3 to modders. To add doubles or triplets to traffic, modders have to make seperate trailertypes. That's why if you have other mods that adds doubles, triplets etc. to traffic. they might conflict with this mod. Therefor, use Trial & error which might have been culprit, and select which trailer mod you would like more and pick that way.

2. Mods made by unofficial 3rd party tools like Zmodeler seems to leave thrashes at their trail, like using old version of reflection objects of the game that should not ever changed by responsible modders. If you see pink liners etc. on trailers, look for that kind of mods to remove from your list.

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