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Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL Edit)

Hemil's Route Advisor (SISL Edit)

Minimized user interface keeping cruicial info always on screen. Hides UI GPS by default, leaving your screen more room. You can always open/close map with F3. Completely re-written for 1.27 by SiSL

You can find all variety of options of Hemil's Route Advisor for earlier versions (1.26 or lower) at SCS Forums :

This mod based on Hemil's Route Adviser in earlier versions, completely re-written by SiSL for ATS version 1.6, hence still keeping the original author's name, he deserves the credit also on workshop due to Hemil's understandable decision for not taking it to Workshop himself and due to having lots of versions, also within his permission.

This version is based on originally KAAC_ONM_Center Bottom_1LTB_NF_MBB_TBB such as taking mirrors to top and squeezing them similiar to side mirrors view... 


Source: SiSL(Creator)


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